Welcome to Happy Bebe's world!

Happy Bebe is a collection of programmatically generated NFT avatars inspired by the early 2000s, living on the low-gas Polygon blockchain. It's made up of 9000 unique avatars, each with a one-of-a-kind combination of skintones, clothes, and accessories of the era, hand drawn in a 800x800 pixel resolution.

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What is Happy Bebe?

Happy Bebe is a collection of 9000 unique hand drawn, pixel-art NFT avatars inspired by the early 2000s, living on the Polygon blockchain.

Why "Happy Bebe"?

Happy Bebe is happy because it's the early 2000s and, as far as she knows, everything is awesome! The world isn't falling apart. Nobody's even heard of climate change. And pandemic? What's that, a band or something? Happy Bebe just wants to have fun, get a belly ring like Britney, and live it up like it's a new millenium. It's a shiny new era, one that she just *knows* is gonna be better than the last one. Forget the 90s. Our girl's living large in the Y2K!

When did the collection launch?

The first phase of the collection launched on May 14, 2022 at 20:00PM EST. Drops of 100 NFTs will be added each day until the full collection is up.

How much will each Happy Bebe cost?

Each Happy Bebe will be 0.02000 ETH, with no gas fee thanks to the Polygon network!

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About the artist


I make art because it's fun. Fun is underrated.